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Absolute Wealth Management is so much more than just a financial planning firm; we are an all-encompassing, comprehensive wealth management firm that accounts for each aspect of your financial life. We also go beyond the planning phase, working with you on a personal level to help you reach your personal and investment goals by seeking the level of growth you desire while also protecting your earnings from market volatility and excessive taxation. We do this by keeping all of your financial and tax professionals under one roof working toward one goal with a unified approach. We just think it’s simpler and gives you absolute control over your future.

The AWM Team

We are built on the strength and principles of our team members and leadership, all with the idea of putting clients first and building a continuous working relationship. We also believe that our partnership is personal, and given that your financial circumstances are so integral to your ability to achieve your personal goals, we want to build a close relationship with you. Our team is built to support your needs and your objectives, and our wealth of knowledge allows us to put 25 years of experience in financial services to work for you. Meet our leadership team below!

Registered Investment Advisor / CEO

William Gonzales

William Gonzales has a decade of experience in the financial services industry and holds a Series 65 registration and a life and annuity license. Now living in Indianapolis, William was born in New York City and raised in Colorado by his single mother. His connection with her shaped the way he looked at the world, as well as his philosophy as an investment advisor. He now offers nurturing, compassionate and caring service and puts his clients first, no matter the circumstances. William first entered the business in 2013 as an insurance advisor, and just two years later, he started teaching Social Security optimization strategies to individuals and couples who could face a shortage in the coming decade. Now with five years of experience as a registered investment advisor representative, he provides a full spectrum of guidance and options to his clients. Furthermore, his passion for his family drives him to assist his clients on their individual journeys to protect their families. He is proud to always lead with education, empowering people to make the right financial decisions for themselves. In his free time, William enjoys exploring nature, watching sports and assisting others.
Director of Tax / CFO

Osama Abaza, CPA

Osama Abaza is our vice president of tax at Absolute Wealth Management, helping our clients create individualized tax plans for both the short and long term. With more than 15 years of experience in financial services, his mission has always been to minimize the tax obligation of his clients, allowing them to keep more of their hard-earned funds and restoring their financial and decision-making power. He is also passionate about guiding them with plans designed to help them achieve investment returns that provide the opportunity to live their desired lifestyle in retirement. He believes he can do just that through approaching each situation comprehensively, looking at not just the distant future, but also what is directly ahead. Originally from Alexandria, Egypt, Osama now resides in Fishers, Indiana. He still feels extremely attached to his historic home city and has a profound appreciation for the beauty and culture of the Mediterranean region, but he thoroughly enjoys living in Indiana and working to bring peace of mind to its people. He is a graduate of Indiana University South Bend where he studied business administration with a specialized focus on accounting. He was also a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, an honor society for business students.


Retirement is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why it’s important to have a clearly defined plan for each and every mile and obstacle you might encounter along the way. Absolute Wealth Management is a comprehensive wealth management, financial planning and tax planning firm that houses professionals for each of your needs. From designing comprehensive financial plans to short- and long-term tax planning to supplemental income planning, we’re ready to help you reclaim absolute decision-making power over your financial life. View each of our services below!

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning

The income and distribution phase of a retirement plan is arguably more important than the accumulation phase. We help by designing a plan to create income streams and withdraw from tax-deferred and tax-free accounts to keep you afloat while still providing for your desired lifestyle and working to ensure that you don’t run out of money.

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Tax and Income Planning

Tax & Income Planning

We believe in paying your fair share in taxes, but we also believe it’s important to land more of your hard-earned income in your pocket. That’s why we have tax planners and CPAs to aid with both the short- and long-term planning for the mitigation of your tax obligation. We also work to implement those strategies into your greater comprehensive financial and retirement plans.

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Roth Conversions

Roth Conversions

Roth conversions are when you take your tax-deferred retirement funds and convert them to tax-free funds, providing tax-free growth and withdrawals. The problem is that you will owe income taxes on converted funds in the year of the conversion. We can help you time your conversion or series of conversions to get the most of the qualified funds you’ve accumulated.

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RMD Solutions

RMD Solutions

With the SECURE Act and the SECURE Act 2.0, the rules and regulations for RMDs have been blurred. This can spell disaster for those who may not need them, potentially forcing them to foot a major tax bill. We offer explanation of legislation as well as custom strategies to help you avoid income tax bombs and repurpose your money to provide for you, your family and your dreams.

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Social Security

Social Security

Social Security is facing a serious solvency issue, which can be scary for modern retirees, as it figures to play a major role in your income plan for retirement. We can help you develop a strategy to both time your optimal filing date and supplement the gap between your expected Social Security payment and the amount you’ve become accustomed to living off of.

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